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T&B - Site Experience

In April, we had a student from Barnet and Southgate College carrying out his work experience on our site at Barnet and Southgate College.

Jarvis Group - Site Experience - David Bills

We get to site for 07:00 we unload all of the tools that we need for the day and go and set them up where we are working. We start at 07:30 and then carry out our daily tasks, for instance, today we were doing joist and deck so we laid out all of the joists and got them in the correct place. I then cut all of the noggins and put the straps on while Adrian does all the fixing. At 10:00 we stop for lunch for 30 minutes then we carry on with our tasks. After the joist are all down and fixed we then moved on to doing the deck. We both loaded the flooring up then I put the glue on the joist whilst Adrian put the board on and pinned them. We normally do about one and a half a day and at 04:00 we start to pack up all the tools and we leave the site at about 04:20.


T&B - Get Into Construction Programme 

I was asked by the Princes Trust if I was able to support their Bedford 'Get Into' Construction Programme, this was attended by those who are unemployed in Bedford and those who have just finished studying Construction at Bedford College and looking for work or an apprenticeship, it's a 5 week programme of helping them become more employable and gain a CSCS card, I attended the Mock Interviews part of the programme. #

Borras Construction - Henlow Church Summer Fete

We are currently working on a new build project at Henlow Church of England Academy, the Henlow Park Bowling Club, located next to the school are raising money to build a new pavilion. In support, we provided some Heras fencing and a donation of £1,000. We also recently had a stall at the Henlow Church of England Academy Summer Fete.

 Jarvis Group - Working with the Prince’s Trust


Jarvis were pleased to be able to provide a 2-week work placement for The Prince’s Trust on their recent Get Into Construction programme this is our first joint venture, which has proved very successful. Ryan Darkins, 18 years old from Luton, joined the site team at Gleneagle Manor, Harpenden which is our most prestigious development. Ryan said ‘he found the experience really rewarding’ and he is hopeful this will lead to a bricklaying apprenticeship. 

Dannie Bonner, Jarvis Contracting’s Operations Manager said “Following Ryan’s successful period with us, we hope to continue our relationship with the Prince’s Trust. It’s an excellent way to provide opportunities for young people to get into construction".

The Prince's Trust enables young people to develop workplace skills to get them into work and with ongoing support, they achieve a high success rate in finding workplace employment opportunities.

Their ‘ Get Into’ programmes aims to give unemployed young people who are work-ready but do not have vocational skills, the opportunity to develop the relevant skills and experience to enable them to move into a sustainable job within a specific sector of work. 


T&B - Jobs Fair – Tottenham Hotspur Foundation

Cooperate Social Responsibility is becoming more and more recognised and important within the Construction industry, and I have now seen for myself why…

When receiving the invite from John Kearney, of the London Construction Programme, Haringey Council for the Construction Job Fair at White Hart Lane, I thought this was a great idea, one that T&B couldn’t miss, offering employers with live construction opportunities the chance to meet job seekers at an iconic venue and inspirational setting. To encourage employers to make use of this opportunity to meet potential employees and to take part in a community initiative to raise the profile of Tottenham and surrounding areas by giving young people the chance to contribute their skills and enthusiasm back into construction.

This is exactly what T&B did, this event was attended by myself, Russell Hammond from T&B and Gary Finck from Construction Training (B & H) Ltd, we were welcomed by Tara & Mathijs from the Tottenham Hotspur Foundation, and the day began. Throughout the day we met several great, passionate people also wanting to help Tottenham and the young people within Tottenham get back on track, I spoke to Tom Kay the Deputy Director of Barnet and Southgate College, along with several of his students offering advice with regards to how to get a job in the industry and what to do next, along with offering them support with regards to apprenticeships, work experience or even site visits to help them along the way, and working towards a better future.

I also met David Chambers from The College of Haringey, Enfield and North East London, he also wanted to know what T&B was all about and what they could offer and how we could work together, we discussed that once the LCP framework starts, we’ll then be able to introduce our new local students to the college to carry out their apprenticeship there.

I also spoke to several members of the Tottenham Job Centre Plus, this was great as they gave me a huge in site to how we can help the community and what the young people need, whether it’s work experience, an apprenticeship or even just visiting the centre and talking to the local young people, as they are now working with gang member and leaders, since the riots back in 2011, this is something that’s becoming more common, after discussing how T&B would love to work with them and support them in any way possible, we exchanged details, and I look forward to working with them in the future.

Once the jobs fair came to an end and most stools had gone for the day, I wanted to find out a little more about the Foundation, so I spoke to Mathijs to find out a little more about the Tottenham Hotspur Foundation, and what they do to help the community, after explaining various events they hold and various ways in which they help, I suggested that we work with the Foundation and I’m now currently in talks with a charity called ‘Get hooked on fishing’ and hopefully we will be organising a fishing day for several of the young and vulnerable adults who the Foundation work with.

After speaking with the all of the above people and several more, I will make sure that T&B is involved in every way possible, in helping the young people of Tottenham have a much brighter future.

Danie French, CSR Manager


T&B - NOAH Enterprise

The saying ‘Your only ever 2 pay cheques away from being homeless’ has never felt so real, than when I visited NOAH Enterprise.

When looking for local charities to work with, I was made aware of NOAH Enterprise which stands for ‘New Opportunities and Horizons.’ They are a Luton-based charity offering hope and support to people struggling against homelessness and exclusion, something that may affect us all one day.

I made contact with Warren Edwards, Head of Training and Employment, so I could visit their various sites, find out what they are all about and, most importantly, see if T&B could help them.

When I pulled up outside the first location, NOAH’s furniture store, I saw a gentleman going through the bin outside. Normally I would then get back into my car and drive away! However, in this case, I realised this was the world I was going to be introduced to…! A few minutes later I was then introduced to the same gentleman who I saw outside earlier, his name was Colin and he had been homeless for 24 years, but recently NOAH had found him somewhere to live and he was just dismantling a single bed for his new place, kindly given to him by NOAH. He was friendly and joyful, this made me realise how easily we are to judge people, without knowing their story and that today, I would learn a lot…

Warren gave me a tour of their furniture store, where people donate any unwanted furniture and NOAH are then able to sell it on to raise money. They also have a woodwork workshop, which is headed up by Dan, where the homeless are able to make all sorts of things from wood planters to tables. This helps them with both physical and mental rehabilitation and helps them focus on something else, other than being homeless.

As I’m walking around and taking notes, I realise that there are so many ways in which we can help them; donating any unwanted office furniture, left over wood from our sites, any unwanted tools or equipment etc. Warren also introduced me to the volunteers, the wonderful people who give up their time to help run the store. There was a great atmosphere at NOAH; everyone was there for the same reason and were all so welcoming.

Afterwards, we visited their welfare centre in Park Street. On arrival I met two ladies who were taking a break outside the centre. They were street outreach workers, who went on to tell me that there’d been up since 4am, searching Luton for the homeless. This meant climbing trees, fences and walls all to reach these people and bring them in for a shower and some hot food. They were upbeat - laughing and joking and, in my eyes, they are unsung heroes, who I instantly respected.

We then went into the shelter where several homeless people were sleeping or sitting on the chairs around the edge of the room. We went through to the kitchen where I was greeted by a sweet, small Irish lady who has been volunteering in the kitchen for 25 years…simply amazing! As well as serving food, they arrange cookery lessons for the homeless, which helps them prepare for living on their own.

When walking through the canteen I noticed the walls were colourful and bright. Warren pointed out that they run art classes and used the walls to exhibit their work, giving the shelter a personal touch.

At the High Town Academy, they carry out free lesson for people wanting to improve their English or any other skills such as CV writing or interview skills.

After seeing all the hard work and effort that goes into helping the Homeless, I wanted to help in every way possible. Once I was back in the office, I immediately spoke to T&B’s directors about my wonderful experience and to see how T&B could help NOAH and their Homeless.

We have now committed to adopting NOAH Enterprise for our Supplier’s Golf Day in September. I have also arranged for Warren to come to our head office and talk to Mark Hickson, our MD, about how we can help give some of NOAH’s people real work opportunities.

After an inspirational morning of meeting such amazing people, I now know that if I’m ever in that situation, I know exactly where I’ll be going!

Danie French, CSR Manager


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